Monday, 8 June 2015

2. Vaudeville Variety Revue Berlin

On Saturday I went to the second Vaudeville Variety Revue in TIPI am Kanzleramt, hosted by Shiela Wolf and showcasing an extravagant list of artists strutting their stuff in burlesque, boylesque, cabaret, dance, comedy and tease plus absolutely stunning acrobatics. Not only was the show beautiful, and breathtaking, the audience was in and of itself interesting to peruse -never before was I at a show where people in jeans and tshirts mingled with those decked out in cocktail costumes from the '20s and burly muscle men wearing feather boas next to rockabilly dames. It was a sight to be seen, my friends. I forgot my sketchpad, but took some photos for sketches later... Here a few of the beautiful people: