Saturday, 19 November 2011

Mom's Tiger Pendant

Last post I gave a sneak peek at the pendant I made out of FIMO for my Mom's birthday.
First of all the idea -One of my favourite paintings by my Mom (well, it was mixed media) was the Tiger abstract she did as part of a distance art course back when I was little:

Then I got busy with the FIMO...
I always work on the baking sheet, ready for putting everything in the oven. Light colours first, then working towards darker ones, being careful to clean the furrows in my fingertips whenever I change a colour, so as not to muddle the next one I use. I indented the white a bit to have a rough idea where what colour was supposed to go. I also use a small knife and a toothpick plus my nails to work the small parts and move and push them into place.

By the way, the creamy colour is flourescent ;]

There were some bits I just had to simplify... :}

Then comes my favourite part of any drawing, painting or creation -adding black. It makes colours pop and rounds off an image splendidly.

And last but not least, the finished pendant all strung up, ready to be sent off.

Oh yeah, if you like her work, check out my Mom's Redbubble site.

Edit: My Mom's painting has taken flight and was part of the 2013 Nato Tiger Meet in Norway as artwork on a Gripen fighter jet. Photos here and here.