Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Week 25

Another week to cook an egg on.
Summer in the city with some encounters with nature -Thursday there was an awesome display of electrical storms -sheet lightning en masse. I even got some photos, hanging out my fourth floor window.
The longest day of the year was a sunny friday -I dawdled on the way home from work, with camera in hand. There were pictures of the moon, bubbles and barbecues.
Ahhh... Summer :}

Friday, 21 June 2013

Week 24

Happy Birthday Natalie!
The nice weather has been holding, a perfect chance to get out en velo and get the bbq out. It was also the perfect chance for mosquitos to eat me from the ankles up. My record of bites from one sitting totals 24 (16
left leg, 7 right leg, one on my left elbow. Fun) The trees outside our apartment have (finally) stopped pollinating everything, so I figure it's finally safe to do my spring cleaning.
Those of you familiar with downtown (ha) Hohen Neuendorf will know the great big whopping chinese restaurant temple... thing. They serve dim sum! As well as all the usual tasty morsels found at asian restaurants. We biked up there on a pleasant path skirting Spandau and the Tegel Lake. A lovely trek in any case, (though we did take the train home) but I was sure tired by the time I got home.

Sunday, 16 June 2013

Week 23

I am happy to say that I spent most of this week OUTSIDE.
Barbecue and sushi were high on demand, and a good friend of mine recommended a wonderful event in the south of Berlin -Malzwiese. A festival of sustainable goods, food and energy from around town, all at the backdrop of the old Malt house, which was offering tours of its derelict halls, as part of the day's programme. (the factory stopped production in 1996 and it is currently a place of cultural events)
All things happening at the Malthouse can be found here:

Monday, 3 June 2013

Week 22

One good point -when it does incessantly precipitate, one has all the more reason to go to the movies. This week we took in the new Gatsby flick, which put more perspective into the book, I was not terribly disappointed, though the hip hop music was not really to my taste -except for Gotye's "Heart's a Mess" -a pleasant surprise during the end credits. The more I think about it, the more I like the movie. Epic was also, as its title suggests, quite a big movie. The artwork is stunning. For a kid's film, it also deals a lot with death, which I found refreshing in the genre, and makes the story just that little bit more believable. Not everyone has a Disney childhood.